July 9, 2010


We spent yesterday traveling S. Another stop at Shrimp R Us for a late lunch/supper. It was too hot to stay at the dock so continued on to Silver Glen Springs.

We anchored closer to the entrance than we normally do. We saw a 9’ gator sunning in that area a month or so ago and I was hoping it would cruise by for a photo shoot…..we didn’t see the big one but this little 5-6 footer was nearby sunning itself.037cs

We didn’t see many gators this trip, but the Painted Turtles are everywhere. This one swam up to our boat a couple of times.027cs

This one is enjoying the sun…looks like it’s getting ready for take-off.


Even though the big gator didn’t come around…we were glad we anchored there. Jim spotted this Manatee by our dingy.236cs


She swam around and under the dingy and then the boat…and headed back to the lake. The surfaced for air right by the dingy but I was heading for the camera at the time. They have cute little faces.


I am updating this from home…so now I can add a picture or two.

This is the sunset just before they got started on the fireworks…


Each time I looked away and then back…it became even more beautiful.143cs

A great  beginning to the fireworks display. Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t do well after dark, so no fireworks pictures.

Once they were over…the barge was moved back to the city dock…for off loading…they must have found a couple of unexploded ones….because about midnight we had 3 more go off….very pretty…but a shock when you are sound asleep.


The weather was windy and threatening rain all day…by late afternoon the wind died down…a cool breeze replaced it…and the fireworks display from the barge was fantastic.  Several shots burst right over our heads. 

Once the show was over they moved the barge back to the city dock for unloading….about midnight…there was a terrific BANG and another bright show.  Guess they found a couple of unexploded shells and decided to shoot them off.  Unfortunately we were sound asleep when the first one went off…but not for long!

Hella fans and the cool air made the day complete.