December 29, 2013


Looked like rain this morning but by mid day it had cleared off and was sunny with a nice breeze.

On the way to Blue Springs we spotted these wild Turkeys.



They blended in so well with the Cyprus Knees that we almost missed them.


This Cormorant just caught dinner.


These are enjoying the sunshine with a few turtles.


Since the day turned out so nice we decided to stop at Blue Springs and see the Manatees. We were there fairly early and had plenty of room to beach.

They are easy to see in the clear spring water.


Looks like several young ones here. They were having fun playing together.


By the time we’d gotten back to the boat there were boats waiting for a spot to beach, so we backed out to let someone else have a chance to go ashore.

We headed up to the canal that leads to the Hontoon River. We did get to see a couple small gators.



We’ll anchor on the Hontoon River for the night. Getting warmer. Fired up the generator and heated water for showers. Sometimes roughing it isn’t so bad. (our shower is outside on the rear deck). We can put up shower curtains for privacy…but that doesn’t help with the air temperature. This shower was much nicer that the one a few nights ago.

Even got to have a window open all night.


Another cloudy morning but the weather is warming up.

Part way up Blue Creek we spotted this Limpkin. We haven't seen many this year.


This is Diane’s favorite bird. It is really very pretty and hard to see because it blends in with it’s surrounding so well.


Back on the St Johns River we decided to take another side trip….St. Francis Dead River. We haven't been up here since we traveled with Larry and Diane. We had the Adventure Craft (Lingerawhile) and they were aboard their Nimble Nomad (River Nomad).

This is all that is left of the “SS Minnow” guys.


An old wooden boat was left here…and someone had spray painted “SS Minnow” on it.


Another year or two and there will be no sign it even existed.


This looks like a shell mound. River Nomad beached on one side and Lingerawhile on the other. Great place to walk the dogs. Sure miss boating with you two, Larry and Diane.


We are anchoring at Drigger Island. Anchored there with the Big Duck, Ugly Duckling and Avitoon when we were cruising together.

A Manatee swam in ahead of us. I was hoping they would come visit but they turned around and swam right past.


I think there were 3 of them. Here’s the other 2. Guess they were heading to Blue Springs and warmer water.


Much nicer tonight….even had a chance to enjoy our wine on the rear deck. Have not had to put up the screens. Too cold for the mosquitos right now.