September 22, 2012

Slow Motion ……sold

We’ve sold Slow Motion. It was a hard decision, but since we will not be doing the Great Loop we decided we would be on the water more, now, if we had a small pontoon houseboat that could be launched at the fish camp a mile down the road.

Lake Jessup has access to the St Johns River, but it is a shallow lake and the Albin’s 2  1/2 ft draft (3’ if I was loaded for a long haul, LOL) wouldn’t let us use that lake.  We have been on it in the Adventure Craft and Larry with his Nimble Nomad but we did churn a bit of mud at one point.

With the 2 wk  parking rule at Lake Monroe Park, it wasn’t always easy to plan a longer trip.

So…we are looking forward to another chapter in our boating lives.  It would be nice to have a perfect afternoon and on the spur of the moment say “lets spend a couple days on the water”…toss a few things in the cooler/fridge (whatever we have) and head for the ramp. Of course, it would be even better to have a place on the water and just walk down the dock..but that definitely isn’t in our future.

Check  the blog in a week or so and see what we’ve found or are working on.

The new owner of Slow Motion is going to live aboard. We still have the trailer, if anyone needs one for their Albin.

See you on the water.