July 19, 2015

Hudson Repairs and new paint 7.19.2015

After finishing the corners on the hood and installing the new grill, Jim started on the scratches and dents.

The holes where the big fender skirts were attached were filled but not to suit him so he redid it.


The new fender skirts needed work too.



All primed and ready for paint.


Dry sanded….fender skirts, mirrors, spot lights, visor and bumper removed. Top still needs sanding.


Wet sanded…I guess this is what it would look like with a shiny paint instead of satin.


I like the stain better….everyone has shiny paint.


New paint….


Visor, mirrors, bumper, skirts, spot lights on….the new rounded corners on the hood look good…..match those on the trunk.


The paint was done by Maaco of Longwood. Chuck took time to go over the car with Jim to see just how he wanted it done. They did a great job. This is the first outside paint job for Jim in 50 years. He usually does it himself but we don’t have a paint booth with lights or dust free. Took it in one day …picked it up the next.

It only took Jim 4 weeks of body work, door alignment and sanding to have it prepped for painting.004c

Can’t wait to hook up the Scamp and go on a trip.