October 24, 2012


Jim had to stop work on cleaning the bottom of the boat for a few days……first to finish up the road and then we had to go to Titusville and see Slow Motion’s new owner and we were busy all day. He finally got to finish it today…..and what a surprise!

That is the end of a screw…..there were several. Most had been nipped off and then something like bondo put on them…but they missed this one. Our best guess is a previous owner “fixed” the floor. Guess they figured it was OK to screw it to the bottom of the boat. Who’d a’thunk it!!!   Looks like some bottom work we hadn’t planned on.


Here’s one of their patches. They were both covered with a lot of growth…so the boat evidently sat in the water for a long time, without sinking.


There is a spongy section in the floor near the rear door….Jim will remove it and see what work was done on it.  He measured the depth inside the bench seats and under the sink and the walkway is about 3/4 of an inch higher. Looks like they may have replaced or added plywood to the walkway. I guess we’ll find out. May just pull it up and lay some fiberglass over the screw holes.

Jim is pretty thorough when he starts something….good thing he wanted that bottom clean….may never have noticed the screws. We need to launch the boat to reset it on the trailer…so guess we’ll find out if they leak or not.