October 19, 2015

St Johns River 10.14.15 pulling out today

Sun is coming up so we had our coffee on the rear deck…munched a few donuts. Looks like the sun is rising from the water.


After coffee we took the screens down…pulled up the anchor and headed out. Another beautiful sunrise.


I had seen a white rooster on the island the last time we were here…so we were looking for him. The island is almost under water but this end still has a nice ridge. We didn’t see anything so Jim did a “cockle doodle do” and got an answer…you cant believe how surprised we were… so we turned around and went back. Looks like a yellow suitcase back there. Maybe he has people company.


I had seen this spot and mentioned that it looked like someone was feeding him. I tossed it several little white donuts.


After we fed the rooster we headed towards Lake Monroe landing to pull out. We just got an opening on the RR Bridge. We only need a few feet to make it through.


Got the boat loaded on the trailer and headed home. Jim backed it down the road to our place…not much turn around room in here.

Then we jumped in the ‘49 Hudson and headed for Titusville and the Chevy parts place…. Ecklers. When we got home we unloaded the fridge and food stuffs along with our clothes and laundry. The rest can wait till tomorrow.

It was probably the best weather we’ve had on the river….60s at night…windows open ..light blanket ..and warm days…just not enough of them. Oh well….we’ll be back out again when the Chevy is finished.