May 23, 2014

Tin Can Tourists…Milford, MI 4.15.14 to 4.18.14

We had scheduled a trip to Milford MI to join the Tin Can Tourists for their spring meet…since it was raining on Wednesday afternoon we decided to call and see if our campsite was available a day early…it was.

I took a lot of these photos as people were setting up. It rained off and on all weekend so I took them when I could. It was amazing to see so many vintage trailers and tow vehicles together.

I have a lot of pictures so will keep the words to a minimum.

102_3130cs 102_3131cs

102_3132cs 102_3134cs

102_3136cs 102_3137cs

102_3138cs 102_3139cs

102_3140cs 102_3143cs



102_3146cs 102_3147cs

This is a U-Haul camper and the one with the flowers is a Scamp. The seams are opposite. U-Haul's run up and over and the Scamps run around the middle. This Scamp has no bathroom but a nice big window in the front.

102_3148cs 102_3149cs

102_3150cs 102_3151cs 

102_3156cs 102_3157cs

102_3165cs 102_3166cs

102_3167cs 102_3168cs

102_3169cs 102_3170cs

102_3172cs 102_3173cs

102_3174cs 102_3176cs

102_3177cs 102_3178cs

102_3179cs 102_3181cs

102_3185cs 102_3186cs

The Tin Can Tourists is open to anyone who wants to join…no matter the make, model or year of the camper or motorhome.

102_3187cs 102_3188cs

102_3189cs 102_3190cs

102_3191cs 102_3193cs

102_3194cs 102_3195cs

102_3196cs 102_3197cs

Some campers are completely redone and others are still a work in progress. Some have been restored to original inside…others have been done to suit the owners.

The one on the right is a tent camper. The lady who owns it can put it up and even move it around with the hitch by herself it is so light…but very roomy inside.

102_3198cs 102_3199cs

102_3200cs 102_3201cs

102_3204cs 102_3205cs

I didn’t get to photograph all of the campers….nor see inside of them all. Maybe next time.

It was cold and rainy most of the weekend but nice on Saturday when they had open house for the public.

If you see a Tin Can Tourist event scheduled in your area you should go and look in all the different campers. Who knows….you may spot a treasure sitting in someone’s backyard someday.

We leave Sunday morning for NY.