September 30, 2013

Monday 9.30.13

Good sleeping…love these cool nights…windows open and a nice fresh breeze.

Headed up the river. The St Johns runs North and it always sounds funny to be going South but up the river.

This part of the river has a unique look.


and a lot of the time these little ridges will have water on the opposite side.


The Bald Eagle can almost always be seen here.


This is the same one…but we did see at least 4102_1128cs

An Osprey watched us cruise by. They are not as big as a Bald Eagle but we have seen them doing aerial combat several times…defending their territory….or a nest.

102_1130cs 102_1131cs

Jim spotted this big gator….not a good picture but it was so big I had to post it.


I saw another one just as big a little later but it hit the water before I could get it’s picture. This part of the river they are hunted and that is why these two are so big. The hear a boat and they are gone.

There are two places here that I really like. This is built on pontoons and is hooked to posts. If it floods this field…the houseboat floats. You can see a dark mark on the tree …just at the sign level…that is a high water mark.


This float home…just because it is so unique.


We crossed Lake Harney. The last time we did it we had the Adventure Craft and Larry and Diane had the Nimble Nomad. Jim and I ran aground. I used a kayak to carry the anchor out as far as the line would let me…dropped it and Jim pulled the boat to the anchor. We did this about 3 times before we were deep enough to use the motor. Larry said one of the fishermen that went by commented that they didn’t think I could tow that houseboat with a kayak. Pretty funny.

We didn’t run aground…went to the Jolly Gator for lunch. This is airboat country…on the weekend this place is loaded with them. We came through here with a small fishing boat hoping to scout out Puzzle Lake when we saw someone flip their airboat. We spent the rest of the afternoon helping them get it up and out of the water.


The C Dory has an unusual lift. Wonder how it rides when a big boat wake hits it.


Jim had to do some fancy driving to get this picture. He had to do about 6 donuts in the water until I could see them well. I thought it was Pink Flamingos until I saw the picture, but now I think they are Rosy Spoonbills. First time I’ve had a chance to photograph them and have never seen them here.


If you don’t take care of your houseboat….Mother Nature will.  We’ve been watching this slowly fall apart for several years.


We’re anchored in Coffey Slough. Almost the same place we were in last night. Found out this morning that we were anchored in the only way in and out of this spot so moved up into the small lake.

Sun is going down…we are going to take a short dingy ride then hit the sack….tomorrow is our last day on the water.

Sunset over the bridge at Lake Jessup.