March 28, 2015

Trip is over….we haul out today. 3.26.15

This morning Cammy continued his cruise. Isn’t that a beautiful root system? I love the Cyprus Trees and their knees. You can see why they hold the island together.102_1356c


Look how close it swam to this houseboat….I don’t think either person saw it. I’ll bet he’s longer than that little fishing boat they tow.


Here he goes again…I never tire of watching these guys…you can see his tail is as long as his body.



We took down the screens …put everything away that needed it for travel and headed for Lake Monroe Park and the boat ramp.

This pair of Ospreys were getting ready to mate. She has her wings folded down around her body.

102_1381c  102_1382c

Normally we can squeeze under this railroad bridge but the river is up and they have to raise it for us.

After we pass under it the ramp where we launch is to the left. There is one on the right but we wouldn’t leave the truck and trailer there over night or for a week….might not have batteries or tires when you come back. Great for day use.

Lake Monroe is just beyond the I 4 bridge in the distance.


It’s been a great week. Weather has been the best. Cool nights and warm days. It seems like we always manage to be out when it is too hot or too cold…we got lucky.

Next outing will be with the big camper for a swap meet at the Sumter County Fairgrounds. We’d like to sell the camper.

A Gator Day 3.25.15

Got up this morning to fog….


We saw a gator swimming along the river. Judging from the size of the eyes, nose and back…I’d say it was a pretty big one.


This is the prettiest part of the canal between the St Johns River and Hontoon River.



Every time we come past this boat they have added something to it.


It’s called the “Floatin’ Hippie”…We don’t remember ever seeing it out cruising but it may be a weekender and we are usually anchored on a back water somewhere.


Second gator….cant see it’s head.


Number 3….didn’t even mind when we circled back. Usually one this size dives as soon as someone does that….they are probably used to being hunted.


This one definitely has some size to it. The scates on it’s back look worn down…could be a female.


and it has a friend. When you see 2 gators sunning together …it is a good sign it’s breeding season. They also get more aggressive towards boats….swimming towards them to warn them away. We never go dinking when we see that behavior…so didn’t miss anything by deflating it and stowing it aboard.


Same two …different angle.


This was our best day yet for gators.

As we pulled into our anchorage for the night….”Cammy” greeted us. We nicknamed him this because his body and head have a lot of lighter spots…kind of like camouflage. You can see it if you look close at his eye and back.


Isn’t this beautiful?


Cammy spent most of the afternoon cruising around. Jim spotted 2 others but too far away for pictures.

Another perfect day.

We pull out tomorrow.