November 4, 2014

We have a mast raising system and a passive cabin top vent 11.4.14

We used to have a MacGregor 26X sailboat that had a mast raising system. It allowed you to lower the mast part way and pass under a bridge.

Jim decided to build one for our San Juan 21, “Liquid Asset”, that was given to us by Jim’s brother, Carl. He has owned it for over 35 years.


The aluminum pole will fold up against the mast for sailing, and the block and tackle will be put below. It only takes a few minutes to put it in place.

The forestay is unhooked from the bow and hooked into the pole. A line runs back to the winch.


Jim can raise and lower it by himself….but on the water I will be there to help. I think we can leave the boom and mainsail on for a partial lowering for a bridge but it has to come off if taking it down completely.

Jim is lowering it into a tall crutch so he can have room to work on the passive vent.

Carl built one and put it on to help keep the air moving inside and cut down on the condensation and mold. When we tried to lower the mast it was too tall so Jim had to modify it.

We don’t need a solar vent with fan since the boat is so small and having the hatches open should be enough. But it will let some fresh air in at night when everything else is closed up.



He used the base that Carl made but cut it down so it has a lower profile and made a new top for it. The clearance between it and the deck allows air to pass through but keeps rain and splatter out of the boat.


This is the reason we couldn’t use the one Carl made. It would have been crushed when the mast laid back in the cradle.


Jim is so handy….he loves being innovative….he can make something out of nothing.


I will make a cover for the inside that will velcro over the vent hole for very cold nights.

Looks pretty good doesn’t it?

He ordered new tires for the trailer….we have a few other things to take care of and then we can plan a 3 day trip on the river and see how everything works. It’s been a long time since we’ve sailed….so our first day out should be interesting.

The St Johns River has several lakes. We can cruise the river and sail Lake Monroe, Lake Harney, Lake George, Lake Beresford, Lake Woodruff or just try to sail the river in between them…..and of course I’ll be looking for gators.

November 1, 2014

Ready to sail 10.31.14

Jim has worked really hard getting this boat cleaned up and ready to go.

Once the inside was finished, he used Poli-Ox to scrub the boat and then put Poli-Glow on it. Boy does it shine now. Once that was done he stained the teak rails and the teak around the companionway. Really dresses it up.


Today we stepped the mast and had the jib up when Carl got here. He helped us get it rigged right.


Finally got the main up…..


So far, all the sheets and lines look good.


All dressed up and ready to go.


We were planning to launch the Yukon Delta houseboat on Thursday but maybe we’ll launch “Liquid Asset” on Sunday…spend a couple nights on it…try it on for size.