November 25, 2012

Under the planks in the bow….

Jim wanted to pull up the 2 x 6’s that were in the bow and install the fish finder/depth gauge.  We are hoping to do some shallow water exploring and having the depth gauge at the back of the boat didn’t make a lot of sense. By the time it says it’s too shallow… are already aground. If this one works like the one he put in Slow Motion, it will sit in water and read thru the hull.

Here are the 2 x 6’s


and this was below them….


and under that……


Jim cleaned up the edges and cut new plywood for it….


Here is a close up of the round thing in the lower R corner of the photo above….it looks like foam in the forward outer hull. If anyone knows for sure, let us know.


I stuck my camera in the hole before he closed it up….looks like someone has replaced the center beam…looks like the old one was fiber glassed in. It looked pretty dry under there.


We aren’t putting anything on the plywood. The beam and the off set “T” gives it plenty of support. Jim will paint it when the area under the hardtop is finished. We’re going to pull up the plywood and see what is under it…..but…….maybe we don’t want to know.


The inverter arrived. Jim is going to work on that next.