December 24, 2014

Christmas on the water 12.23.14

Jim had a dentist appointment this morning. He had the truck hitched to the boat and while he was gone I finished loading it.

We were on the water by 3pm.

Launched at Lake Monroe Park. This time we brought our dingy with us. Once it was inflated and tied behind we headed down river. Only had to wait a few minutes for the railroad bridge to open and we were on our way.


Jim checked the chart and figured we had time to make it to the Blue Springs area for the night.

We normally anchor at G 109 but just did a cruise through….Jim spotted this gator.


The Anhinga was drying its wings ..


As we rounded the island we noticed they had replaced one of the wooden markers with this one.


Enjoying a nice supper…


Our first real test for idling down. So far the motor has run good but idling has been the problem once the motor gets warm. We are just a little S of Blue Springs and will anchor on this little river…it’s a Manatee Zone and boats must travel slow.

Just as we came to the anchor spot the motor quit….Jim did a little adjusting…we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.


After supper and a glass of wine on the rear deck we were treated with this beautiful sunset.


It is a beautiful night. Windows open…light  breeze coming through…perfect for sleeping…except I have trouble sleeping the first night on the water. At 10:30 I went back on the rear deck and listened to the night critters. Frogs that sound like squeaky balloons and Sand Hill Cranes warning something away. What a great first night on the water.