November 30, 2011


Hontoon Island was very busy yesterday. As we approached, the ferry was loading up with people headed to the Island.


The docks weren’t quit full but there were several boats there. They have water and electric for a reasonable price…even better for FL seniors.


Our night at anchor was peaceful….and not too hot.

We were up early ….Jim and Larry got the dingys read so we could go scout out the island and a big boat anchored below us.


Is that an Albin Rendevous? Nope…just Slow Motion and A Dollar More.



A bit of FL color….



The plant is Water Lettuce…it can take over a pond and choke up the river. You can see the “tea” color of the water.


After our trip ashore for Raisin we loaded up and headed N. The wind is kicking up and we want to get across Lake George. It turned out to be a great trip….wind at our backs made for a nice ride with a push.

Just before we got to the lake we spotted this Bald Eagle.


We ended the day tied up to the Welaka City Dock and dinner at Shrimp R Us.   Always a treat.