December 27, 2013


The wind blew most of the night but the anchor was well set and we had a nice night with water bubbling under the hull.

Shell Island (Lundgen) used to be a popular camping spot. Over the years we rarely anchored behind it without having a pontoon boat beached on the back side…with a fire going at night or campers in tents on the island. This year we haven’t seen any sign that it is being used at all. Of course, it means no trash left over but it seems a shame that no one camps there anymore.

We decided to head up Blue Creek and anchor near “Bubba’s” Island. It was overcast in the morning.

Jim had Captain’s duty…..while I cooked ham and eggs for breakfast.


I believe this is a Great Egret. Beautiful birds and many along Blue Creek.


“Bubba’s Island”. When we were thru here last it as almost underwater but the river is down at least a foot now.


Later in the day the sun came out…but Bubba never did. Bubba is a huge gator…..named by the locals….and one of the tourist attractions. There were at least 3 tour boats that came by and we saw more boats on Blue Creek this afternoon…than we did on the river for two days.


This Great Blue Heron spent most of the afternoon on this patch of weeds…grooming and fishing.


An Osprey.



Late afternoon the wind picked up and the weeds started floating in.


An Egret and a male Anhinga.


Bubba never did appear. He must have found a good sunning spot when the water was up and his island covered. Oh well….maybe next time. This turns out to be one of our favorite anchorages.

This was the closest to a day off for Jim. We were anchored by mid day and spent the afternoon reading, boat watching and he even had a short nap.

Too windy and cool for sitting on the rear deck tonight….