March 13, 2016

St Johns River, FL testing rebuild of transom

We got an early start this the boat launched and headed for Butcher's Bend . Once there we put up the screens and opened the bimini. This C Dory came in a few minutes later...I love these little boats.
 After getting everything set up we headed north. This is the entrance to one of our side trips. Saw 3 tour boats here.
 I believe this is a Snowy Egret.
Diane's favorite bird...the Limpkin.  You do not see many of them.
I may just be brown and white...but look at this beautiful head.
Next is a trip through the canal to Hontoon River.
Nearing the end.
Jim spotted this gator sunning itself. Did not expect to see any today...windy and overcast.

We always learn something...Never thought to look in the weeds for gators..but here is a big one.
another view.
This one is a little on the heavy side...
This one was in the water near where we anchored.
This is a very tall tree and in the top is a big nest with a Great Blue Heron.

a little color at on the rear deck and in bed by 8:00.  
Another great day on the river.