January 1, 2012

January 1 2012 Happy New Year Everyone

We awoke in St Augustine, to a heavy fog….departure was a bit delayed.

The dingy motor gave Jim  a few fits…but it eventually decided to cooperate.

We used the time to take Raisin ashore and make a trash run. I like to give her some exercise whenever possible. The rest of the time she does her business on a carpet on deck….even underway, but most especially at night.

As soon as the fog lifted a bit we decided to leave. We could see markers and with the chart plotter and radar we felt we were in good shape. There was a nice little procession of boats…2 catamarans and a sailboat besides us made a nice single file for quite a ways. Once the fog lifted and visibility was good…everyone passed us.

Several large boats out today…most gave nice easy passes…it’s surprising but the smaller ones don’t seem to care and rock us if we aren’t on our toes.


I think those sticks are an oyster bed.


The water is a real pretty green…


Lots of houses thru here…


I found my dream home…


Well…..it would be if it wasn’t near so many others ….actually …it’s someone’s boathouse, but I could live there.


A big flock of Pelicans. I don’t know if they are all White Pelicans and some are juveniles or if it’s a mix of White and Brown pelicans.


Being passed again….we use less fuel…but we get there a lot later. Since our pockets are a lot smaller than theirs….I guess later is better.


Long legged birds???  Nope ..a sand bar…that’s why you never stray outside the channel. Everything is shallow here.


Another nice sized boat…some of the ones we see are huge….


These must be condos….just to the R was a marina with to very large boats, and lots of others that make the one above look small.


The pink and green houses are floating homes, barge homes. You can see the tall poles and the rings fixed to the side near the bottom. they allow the house to rise and lower with the tides.


We decided to anchor near this bridge, near Bulow Creek State Park. It’s S of Flagler Beach. Anchorages are hard to come by in some stretches of the ICW because of the depth out of the channel, and the wakes created by passing boats. At least here, they have to slow down and wait for an opening if they are big.

I caught this flock of Pelicans heading for their night time roosting area.


We can hear the traffic crossing the bridge…sounds like it is grated. We get some warning when a big boat wants to go through…the bridge master blows a horn when he stops traffic and starts opening. It’s 1900 , dark out and we just had a big Catamaran come by.

I guess this pelican decided to stay.


We had a beautiful sunset…


and it just kept getting better…….


and better….


And the very best for last…..Slow Motion….thanks Larry.



Even with the late start we did 38 miles today…with an average of 6 mph. We got lucky with the tide and had a small push most of the day. It’s cooling down …but not uncomfortable. Don’t think we’ll need the heater tonight.

I just checked the weather channel….and it looks like we are in for a few COLD nights.  We’ll be in the Titusville area….and our local weather site said a low of 32 on Tuesday and the weather channel said 35…looks like the generator and Mr. Heater will get a workout…..and we’re heading South. it’s supposed to get warmer.