January 19, 2015

Car show/ Air show Ocala FL 1.17.15

We loaded up the Scamp, hooked up the Hudson and headed to Ocala. Friday night we met 3 other classic cars at Detroit City Custom and cruised to Inverness for a show.  When it  was over we went to a friend’s place in Morriston and spent the night. We were plugged into electric and the little heater kept us nice and cozy.
We had a nice visit with Ruth. Her husband Jim was in the hospital so Jim is going to visit him tomorrow after the car show. The “Jims” have been friends for many many years.
After coffee with Ruth, we headed for the Ocala airport. Spotted this little cutie as we were being directed to our parking spot.
We still had the camper so they put us next to this Corvette who was also towing.
Their little trailer is used for luggage etc. They also had a map of the places they’d been. So nice to see others use their vehicles for something besides shows.
The picture is a bit grainy because I cropped it out of the picture above…can you imagine seeing something this big while sitting in a classic Corvette?
They did the same thing we are doing….a color for each year…there are way ahead of us and had some neat pictures to go with it.
My sister, Joanne, gave us this display case several years ago…glad we finally found a good use for it.
I love these old cars…this would be fun to have…but don’t think it would pull the Scamp…so am happy with the Hudson.
There were a lot of nice cars there….didn’t get pictures of them all..but did get some of my favorites…
When I met Jim he had a beautiful Bucket T…so these rank up there in the favorites column.
Jim’s engine had a big super charger on it and looked like an engine with 4 wheels and a seat. It was a lot of fun.
I spent most of the day showing the camper to folks that were very interested in a tiny camper behind a ‘49 Hudson.
Some are amazed that we’ve traveled over 7000 miles already and even more surprised that it was all done with the Hudson….even with the pictures.
Then there were the “rat rods”. Some of these are pretty unique. You have to look at them closely to see what they’ve used to put them together. I am positive the big head lights are made from drop lights.
These guys have great imaginations.
They look like they are from Mad Max movies. This little guy is hollering to his dad to come look at this! I think he liked the skull.
I think Jim and I would have a great time putting something like this together…but it wouldn’t be a good tow vehicle and we like to travel.
They were giving rides in this tri –motor plane…$75 a person.  We were going to take a ride..but I was so busy showing the Scamp that we never did get to it.  It would have been fun..but.. .that’s $150 for gas….either in the boat or the Hudson, and we can go a lot longer in them and have a lot more fun.
I’ll bet this would tow the Scamp…and even has a trunk for all the gear.
Someone pointed out this beautiful cloud formation…thought it might be caused by all the planes circling and landing.
Carl and Jim had a great time wandering around looking at cars. We haven't been to this show before and saw a lot of new (to us) cars.
After the show we found a spot to park the Hudson and Scamp. I stayed with the vehicle while Jim and Carl went to the hospital to visit Jim. After that we headed back to Carl’s. Dropped off the Hudson and Scamp, then went out to supper. Had a nice visit with Carl and a good nights sleep in our Scamp.
After breakfast with Carl at the Mason Jar, we headed back home. The cats were happy to see us. The “feral cat feeder”  (on the www.wildlifearoundus.blogspot.com) blog holds plenty of food but they like to see us each morning for a quick pet. That’s about all we get but they are getting friendlier as time goes by. It’s nice that they like being outdoor cats….we are away for a few days to a week or two at a time and they have a cat house with a heated bed and plenty of food and water.
See you on the road.