February 17, 2014

Hudson Club meet…. Deland, FL 2.14.14 to 2.16.14

We hooked up our little camper and headed for Deland, FL

The Hudson Club was having a 3 day meeting at Bill Dreggors Park.

Here is our traveling setup. 


The bigger Motorhomes and Truck Campers that were towing trailers parked in the lot, but Jim backed us onto the grass so we could put up the awning.


The ladies we bought the camper from gave us a small wooden folding table that is perfect for the small ice maker. Our little fridge runs on 110 and only has a tiny freezer. We were dry camping and had to run the generator every now and again to keep the fridge cool. The Yamaha 2000 sits on a platform that Jim welded on just below the spare tire on the camper. He had to move the spare up to make room for it. Works well.

I made the awning and Jim made the poles and tensioners.

Here is my favorite Hudson.


and a few more…..


A work in progress….I think it has airbags that raise it up for driving. He brought it in on a trailer but drove it on and off.


I think ours had all this chrome on it at one time….


The lady that owns this pretty truck drove it in each day….even in the rain.


Not a Hudson….but a beauty still….


I believe this is a Matador.


We had a great time….lots of good food and made new friends.

Jim met Mark, who had a 1963 Mercury Comet. Mark was anxious for Jim to start the Hudson so he could hear it run, so he hung around till we were ready to leave….good thing he did…..it wouldn’t start.  The starter had a crack in it. Only 3 weeks old. Mark ran Jim to the auto parts store for a new one and went home for tools that Jim needed. Did I mention new and good friends?  Thanks again Mark!!!!!

Once they got back with the new starter it was only a short time and it was running and we were on our way home. All in all…..a great weekend.