March 27, 2015

Unique boat day….3.24.15

This must be a good fishing spot…we had company while we charged batteries and made coffee. With the Yamaha 2000 being so quiet they probably didn’t even notice it down there.


Traveling the Norris Dead River.


These smaller rivers can be so beautiful.


We decided to check out this old abandoned boat on the Zeigler Dead River….you must remember this one, Larry.




After checking the wreck we decided to go as far as the Marina and see what this is…..


Someone has built a neat little house on pontoons. Even has solar panels. Shame no one was home..would love to have talked to them. I really enjoy hearing how people come up with the ideas they have and how they make them happen.


I like the hurricane lantern…hope it is anchored down.

A nice little getaway….102_1245bb

On the same river tucked back in the woods is another work in progress….


That little red line is part of our travel…..


These are pictures of the pages in our Boating and Cruising Guide to the St Johns River by Tom Kranz. If you are going to spend time on the St Johns this is a good guide to have. There are so many side trips that you might not dare to take without it.


You can just see the top of this Osprey’s head…she is well camouflaged on her nest.


They must have been taking lessons on how to get back aboard one of these sculling boats…the person in the water jumped out of the training boat and swam over to these two.


This is the same spot I mentioned about the White Herons and Egrets only there are more today.


I have no idea what this bird is….it maintained that stance as we cruised by….did a U turn and came back for pictures…then U turned back again. All it did was turn it’s head. Might be on a nest.

102_1267b   102_1268b

Here comes my favorite boat of the day…we passed in a narrow part of the river and didn’t have a chance to visit….


There has to be a few great stories on the build….just look at all the stuff on it…turtle shell, skull, even has red and green running lights and a solar panel. The cartoon on the side sure looks like the owner…we’ll be looking for him next time out.


We both wished we had turned around and stopped him for a visit. Even has a canoe on the back.

We anchored near the entrance to the canal….102_1273b

A large group of kayakers came by…


We are anchored here for the night….turned out to be a nice day….light breeze and sunny.