March 16, 2015

Green Eggs and Ham 3.11.15–3.15.15

This was our first Fiberglass RV meet. We really enjoyed it.


It was at the Gunter Hill Campground in Montgomery AL. A very nice campground. Two big loops. You have to ride a bike or drive between them unless you are an avid hiker.

This was our campsite.

With a “senior” park pass you get the site for half price. $9 a nite for us.


We were near water but saw no gators. Probably too cold. The sun never did come out and it was drizzly most every day.


The weather was never too cold to sit outside and enjoy coffee. The camper to our right is a 16’ Casita…the one just to it’s right is a 16’ Scamp.


The owners didn’t want the “Scamp” logo on the side so had their own designed to match their truck.

It has a bath with shower and a small dinette in the front. Only big enough for 2 people but makes it possible to leave the bed made.


There were 4 other 13’ Scamps here…ours was the only one with a bathroom. They had bunk beds or a bench seat in the front.


Most of the little campers were Casitas…and there were a lot of them.





There were a few other brands ..some bigger campers. The owners of this one made gumbo for the crowd on Fri night.


My favorite was this Lil’ Snoozy….


There were 3 here. The bed is in the nose…the door at the back. Not sure how that AC will hold up over time but it makes for a more aerodynamic vehicle with it on the back. Also had a fantastic vent in the bath.


Another 13’ Scamp. Some of the sites doubled up.


Since it was raining most of the time, I didn’t get a lot of pictures.

We put our flags out.


There was always something going on at the pavilion. One lady gave a talk about her trip to Alaska in her Casita. And she did it alone.

The next day there was a demonstration on cooking in a dutch oven. (cast iron cookware). There were about 8 ovens going and we got to taste everything they prepared.

This is our stop for the night….Love’s Truckstop.


We had a great time and look forward to doing another.

Jim liked the head room in the 16’ Scamp, Casita and Lil’ Snoozy….but it would require hauling a little more weight and finding one we could afford….decided to stick with our little Scamp.

Maybe my next post will be from the St Johns River aboard Meander.