December 25, 2014

Christmas on the water 12.24.14

Jim was up early….had the generator started….batteries charging and coffee started.

We had dragged anchor and were in the weeds…motor started right up and backed us out with no problems.


These are the Blue Springs Tour boats.


Spotted this Bald Eagle just before getting to Hontoon Island.


Not many boats today….must be everyone is home for Christmas Eve.


These turkeys have found someone who likes to feed them. Saw another small flock a few miles up the river in another yard.


The sky has been gun metal grey all morning…the sun is finally starting to poke it’s way out of the clouds.


This brown pelican flew out to greet us…guess we look like a fishing boat.


A unique paint job…but its listing to port a bit. Hope it hasn’t been abandoned.


I love the way Pelicans glide along the water.


Through the gates at the S end of Lake George…a popular place for the birds.


Working our way to the entrance to Silver Glen Springs.


The sandy white beach is now below water…


Getting all the sun they can…


These birds and the turtles are in the run to the springs.


We were the only boat here….time to go for a swim…


Once I got back aboard and dried off I spotted these Bald Eagles in the tree near our boat.



Then it was Jim’s turn….took a bit of convincing but he was up to it…..


Once we were refreshed we took to dingy up into the part of the springs where we used to be able to anchor…but no more…we are still in the anchorage but not up where we can see the actual spring.


This is the view from the old part of the anchorage…you can just see our boat in the distance. No more anchoring this side of the white buoys and the main spring is off to the L out of the picture.


Just before dark a houseboat came in and a cruiser. After dark another houseboat joined us. Guess we aren’t the only ones who like Christmas on the Water.

Shortly after the boats arrived the skies let loose with a huge downpour….a few minutes later the bilge pumps came on…nice to know they work when they need to. Meander is an open bow boat and even with the bimini a hard deluge at an angle can put a lot of water in it. It didn’t rain long and we settled in with our wine and a book.

Another good day on the water.