August 11, 2016

 We are setting the transmission on the floor. It will be on a jacks and blocked for balance.

 When you don't have a lift you make do with what you have. It ended up on two jacks. Once it was in place and balanced....

 Jim bolted it to the motor mounts...but left it on the engine hoist so I could move it up and down a bit.

 Once the engine was bolted to the mounts...Jim crawled under ....we rolled the car back to the transmission...I got the easy job of either raising the motor up or down and jacking the front of the transmission up...he used two long bolts to get it in place then bolted it together.
 It sounds like an easy job but it took a lot of work on Jim's this point he has over 300 hrs in the repair.

We have fenders.

His specialty is engines....not real fond of body work but he's been at it for several weeks. Once the welding was done he had to do some filling....sanding....filling....sanding...then primer.
up in the air and ready for the transmission and engine to be installed.