December 6, 2014

Pulling Out.. 12.3.14 (us) and 12.6.14 (them)

This is the ramp where we pulled “Meander” out early Wed  morning. Jim is backing the trailer in while Carl and I hold the boat in position.102_4212cs

We were tied up just to the left and only had to walk the boat around the corner. We could hear traffic on the bridge but it was not very loud so still good sleeping.



Since we were unable to finish the trip with the rest of the Classic Trailerable Houseboaters….we decided to stop and say goodbye at the launch ramp.

Bud and Michelle have friends on Lake Harris and everyone had been invited to tie up there so that’s where we met.

What a beautiful spot to spend the night.


Since all the trucks and trailers were at Lake Griffin State Park they drove over and picked up the vehicles and dropped them at the launch ramp on Lake Harris. Just a short boat ride from here.


Jim and Gaetan getting the Hobo ready.


Mokey is next….


Bud and his Avitoon waiting patiently….


Jim is going help with the lines so Bud can leave the dock….


Gaetan and Doug working with Mokee ….



View of the dock from the house….


I love all the Cyprus Knees….


They are walking Mokee around Big Duck and to open water….


Once all the boats were away from the dock we are heading to the launch ramp…unfortunately we were parked on the wet grass and one rear tire spun…had to get pulled backwards onto the pavement. Then we got to the ramp….Big Duck was already on the trailer.


The next one out was the Hobo….


I really like this little boat….it has a walk around but not so big it takes from the interior space….I believe Gaetan said it was 18’.


Now it’s time for Avitoon and Mokee…



Michelle is in the water directing Bud onto the trailer….


Now she gets to hook it up and winch it in….


I was beginning to think this was a state job…..1 worker and 3 bosses…..


Avitoon is out….now comes the fun part…getting everything ready for the road.


almost ready….walkways slid in….fenders stowed and awning coming down.


Mokee’s turn….it is a lot of work getting road ready….everything has to be put in its place and tied down so nothing goes bouncing around. It really didn’t take long because they have been doing this for so long that each person knows what to do and gets it done.


Jim and I are going to spend a few days with friends at Mill Dam RV park near Silver Springs ….we didn’t have the boat but everything holds true with camping…a place for everything and everything in it’s place…..or you end up with a mess.

Counting all our outing here in FL getting the car and trailer ready….and then the trip to VA,KY,MI,NY,VT and all places in between, we have towed this little Scamp about 7000 miles this year.


We only got to spend 2 days on the water with these boats …sure hope the motor problem on Meander is solved and we can make it to the next CTH meet.

The boats are also used as campers as they travel…..IL, PA, GA and Gaetan is going to spend a bit more time on Hobo in FL.

Safe travels everyone….we had a great time…and made new friends…cant wait for the next boat trip…..maybe Larry and Diane can join us with their Yukon Delta.