December 9, 2015

We went “Scampin” at a Tin Can Tourist meet. Dec 3-6 2015

It was a nice informal meeting.  We did have a pot luck dinner Friday nite,  but the rest of the time was your own…

Our friends Larry and Angie were  busy decorating their GMC motorhome when we got there. Jim was given a big box of lights and we thought we would be decorating the pavilion but that was not the case…next thing I know…Jim is decorating our camper and used every light.


Most of the lights were white but he had a couple boxes of red and green so I replaced a few.

He had so many lights he even circled the ‘57 Chevy.


I think he out did the neighbors…they had more stuff but we were brighter. LOL


Here are some of the other campers…..



I like the tip out windows…you can leave them open in the rain unless it’s blowing sideways.


I didn’t get a good picture of the trailer in the middle. It has a beautiful “fandango dancer” on the side .



This lady always has her little camper dressed up….inside and out.


This was a nice setup….very little camper under a canopy..she had a single bed in it with other necessities but cooking etc. is done outside. It even has AC.  Not big enough to stand up in but sitting and sleeping is ok…you are outside most of the time when camping anyways.



We were not the only antique tow vehicles there …3 pickups …one here.



There were two of these pop ups…’s amazing how much more room they have than the Scamp.

You do not have to have a vintage camper to belong to the Tin Can Tourists.


There were 3 Bolers here. The Scamp looks just like them…I heard that Scamp bought Boler and started their own camper.

031 c


None of them have a bathroom…the big window is where they put a bunk bed or bench seat.

These people have a screened enclosure…that makes for a great outdoor living space.


The other truck with a neat little Airstream.



Even had a Volkswagen with a matching tent. There were several here….some of them even joined the TCT.


The leaders  (boss can openers) of the TCT own this….beautiful inside.


We stopped at this gentleman’s place in NY last year…they had just had a flood and he took us around and showed us all the damage. He had a little Bambi Airstream but someone smashed into it…so he came in this…even had an electric bike…Jim rode it and fell in love …wants one…but here in flat land you don’t really need one. This is the 3rd pickup….suicide doors.


Another beautiful old car.


One of the best parts of the weekend was the Soggy Bottom club…Blue Grass music.   They meet here every month and just sit around in groups and “jam”. They make a big circle and then each player gets to pick and play a song they like…everyone else backs them up and sings along. Lots of fun.


We’d spend time sitting around the fire…then when they got playing I’d head down there.


My favorite song….5 pounds of possum…..    this is not the group..I found it on youtube and it is a “jam session” like they were doing at the ranch.  you can get an idea of how much fun it is to go to one.

My sister, Joanne, gave me a Dulcimer a few years ago…I found the words and music for “5 Pounds of Possum” for a Dulcimer…so now I have to figure out how to play it….