October 16, 2012

We’ve started working on the boat….finally!!

We brought our new (to us) Yukon Delta home from OH and had to park it and load the camper for the 3 day car show in Tampa. Had a great time….lots of beautiful cars…..mostly street rods. There were a few that were near original…including our 1928 Buick Landau. It’s pretty much original except for the fuel system. Jim has all the parts to put it back to original…but we need it to be reliable for driving. We trailered it to NY and VT this spring and put over 1000 miles on it. Here we are crossing a covered bridge in VT.


We got back from the show late Sunday, then Jim had to go to his brother’s to pick up the tractor so he could work on the road into our place. Had a few pot holes so big, you could almost float the boat in them.

We are waiting for a few loads of dirt to spread on the road, so Jim worked on cleaning out the fuel tanks and putting in fresh fuel. I replaced all the screens. They had big holes by the window slides. The cord was still good and we had the correct size tool.

screens 10.16.12 004cs

So now I have all new screens. May not seem like a big deal to some….but here in FL it’s a must have.

screens 10.16.12 001cs

They look so much better…and I can leave them open during the day for airing out the boat and not have a bunch of mud daubers moving in.

screens 10.16.12 007cs

She’s titled and registered…..the motor runs…..now….if we can get caught up on our other projects…we’ll get launched for a day and see how she runs.

You are looking into my butterfly garden….actually…it’s a caterpillar garden. I have lots of milkweed growing in pots.  I bring the caterpillars inside and then release them when they become butterflies. Check them out on www.wildlifearoundus.blogspot.com