November 11, 2013

Wally Docking 11.10.11

Around 11:00 this morning we received a call from Bud and Michaelle. They had stopped at Monroe Park but it was packed with fishing boats…. a bass tournament was in session so they headed for Walmart.

Jim got the trailer hooked up and I loaded the bird and dog and we were on our way to Walmart too. Needed a few supplies and we could meet our the other boaters.


This is an Avi-Toon boater home. Bud made this from an Avion camper and pontoon boat. It has “walk arounds” on both sides. The pathway folds up against the railing…and the whole thing slides in so it’s flat against the camper for trailering. Pretty neat setup, and can be done by one person. Lots of interior space. I like the crank out windows. Most of ours are slides and when it rains they have to be closed.


A bit later Big Duck rolled in.


We went aboard for a tour. Jim had all kinds of head room on both boats. Not so with ours.


The Ugly Duckling was stuck in Daytona with a flat tire.

The park attendant thought the fishing tournament would be done by 3 pm and most of the boats gone shortly after that. Jim and Bud decided we’d go over around 4:30 and launch. We could anchor in the cove and wait for Big Duck and Ugly Duckling. That way we wouldn’t tie up the launch ramps in the morning with 4 house boats trying to launch at one time.

Big Duck and Ugly Duck spent the night at Walmart…”wally docking”. It was too late for them to get to the park.

It was dark by the time both boats had dropped the hook.

Forgot to get the screens up on the rear deck before it got dark…too many mosquitos to sit out back and enjoy the evening.

Beautiful night. Had the windows open with a nice cool breeze coming in.