August 27, 2016

The new look

 It doesn't look much different than before from this angle.
 The front end is all Hudson.....
 Chrome on the hood....fenders...and on the sides is "Hudson"
 I didn't think I would like all the chrome...but it really does look good...some of it needs to be re-chromed and Jim found a place that can do it....but for now we'll leave it like it is.
 Even looks good under the hood
 The new "medalion" he wont have to put a sign on the roof saying "this is not a Mercury"...

 our old car ('49 Hudson)  and the new car ('57 Chevy) 

Jim has no problem driving out through a field...of course we've been here before so he knows the lay of the land.
The Hudson has towed this camper over 11,000 miles.....Michigan, NY,VT,NH and places in between. It was a great trip...In MI we even woke up with frost on the Hudson...
We traveled the Skyline Drive....35 mph uphill and downhill and around the runs into the Blue Ridge Parkway...45 mph...lots of pull offs on both roads for the views.