October 23, 2014

San Juan 21….still working on it 10.23.14

Jim removed the 4 windows. The frames were cracked in several places and covered with years of repeated caulking.

Looks better already. It cleaned up real good around them. Since the boat sits in the truck port we don’t have to worry about rain.


Since the windows were out it was a good time for me to paint the inside. Did not do the ceiling through out the boat but all the side walls and walking surface. There had been some standing water in the bottom and it was stained pretty bad. It is now a bright white inside.


Jim had to make and replace the side rails for the sliding hatch.

006cs         007cs

Right now he is working on putting all the wood back inside. He had to make new divider walls. They are necessary to keep the side stays of the mast from pulling just on the roof. They help distribute the energy strain across the top and are secured to the molded boxes inside.