October 18, 2012

Bottom cleaning 10.17.12

Jim wants to put a few coats of Poliglow on the bottom of the Yukon Delta, but before that can be done, all this gunk has to come off. The shiny part behind him is what he has already cleaned. It has definitely spent some time in the water.

cleaning bottom 001cs

It would be much easier to put it in the water and have it lifted out and pressure washed…..but that gets expensive, and “elbow grease” is much cheaper, although not easier.

cleaning bottom 006cs

Jim is used to lying around under stuff…..but normally it’s an old car.

It’s starting to look better….but a long way to go.

Should make it more fuel efficient going thru the water once it’s polished up.

cleaning bottom 009cs

He took a short break for breakfast and went back to work….it progressed much faster on the back half. It still shows some staining but the muddy growth is gone.


Just as he was starting to back the trailer up on blocks….the first load of dirt for the road arrived……



Before that one was spread…..the second arrived.


Just as well….scrubbing the bottom of the boat is back breaking work…..now he can have a few hours of riding up and down the road. Right now….I don’t think we can get in or out…so he’ll be at it until it’s level. Scrubbing will wait till another day.


He finished the road today….and the tractor has been returned.  He did a great job.


The mailbox is just for looks. It belonged to his Mom and Dad. They had it at their camp in Kirkwood, NY.  We don’t get mail out here….all the boxes have to be at the end of the road and they make good “jousting” targets. They don’t last long.


Maybe we can get back to working on the important stuff….THE BOAT!!!!!!