December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!!! 12.25.14

We’ve spent several Christmas and New Year’s here in Silver Springs, but not for a few years. It was nice to be back.

This is what the screened rear deck looked like during the down pour. It only lasted a few minutes but put enough water in the bow to start the bilge pumps. Back here it was sheeting on the screens so most went overboard.


Here is the houseboat and cruiser that joined us.


This one came in after dark and probably didn’t know the area. It anchored in the channel below us.


We hauled up the anchor and headed out to Lake George. If it is not too rough we’ll try to get to Salt Springs at the NW end of the lake.

This Cormorant (L) and the Anhinga (R) are both diving birds with webbed feet. Sometimes called “snake” birds because all you see is the head and neck out of the water.


A look at the run on our way out…



A sailboat anchored at the entrance to Silver Glen..


Once on Lake George …Jim let me have a turn at the wheel.


The trip up the lake was a little lumpy but not too bad.

The entrance to Salt Springs Run….



This is a beautiful ride….about 4 or 5 miles and seems to be a favorite with the water birds.


We were not the only ones enjoying the Salt Springs. There were at least a dozen kayakers and a few pontoon boats and fishing boats. Most were interested in the Manatees that winter here. Last we heard there were 14 but may be more now. There were also several snorkelers in the water.


You can see part of one and a Cormorant swimming by.


This is the little store and boat launch.


Sun reflecting off a Manatee’s back….in the “diamonds” as boaters say.


Jim loaded the little folding cart and gas can in the dingy and I took him ashore. He hiked about 1/2 mile to a gas station, picked up some gas and donuts and hiked back. An hour or so later I picked him up and brought him back to the boat. Probably saved $2.00 a gallon. Wonder how many young folks would do that.

After wine and our books we went to bed….just in time for the night fishermen. They usually have a pontoon boat with a generator and several spot lights. They fish with bows. So we didn’t need any night light.

Supposed to get colder tonight so we closed up and drew the curtains to keep the heat in. Only needed one blanket until about midnight…then I added another light one. Slept great.

What a great way to spend Christmas Day….on the water watching Manatees.