June 19, 2014

Heading Home….. after 4700 miles 6.11.14

The Rocky Knob Campground doesn’t have electric hookups and we didn’t want to start the generator at 7 am to make coffee. Jim suggested we pull out and head to the overlook at Rock Castle Gorge. This is the gorge that has the 10 mile hike we are hoping to do one day.


Once there…we started the generator and made coffee. He definitely had a great idea. The gorge was beautiful with all the fog lifting.


It was breezy and a bit chilly but well worth it.


Several people stopped to enjoy the view and visit a few minutes.


We had a nice visit with this couple….classic car lovers  out enjoying their ride.


After the trip on Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway….the rest of the trip was pretty boring.. We got home and had a lot of grass to mow. We usually mulch it but it was so thick it kept plugging up so Jim had to take the cover of and let it go where it wanted.


As my friend, Debbie, said….the bees were still in the Top Bar Hive.


The big surprise…were the ones in the squirrel box!!! I think they’ve been there for at least a few weeks…


I took some pictures later and could see comb. They chose this for a home so we’ll leave them there and see how they do.


We had a comfortable little place to stay and a great car to haul it with…..


It towed for over 4700 miles….at approximately 13.7 mpg. And only one small stock radiator problem….Jim fixed that in no time..It was not the best fuel mileage…but the thumbs up..honks…waves and picture taking made it worth it.! And with such a small camper you can believe the trunk was loaded…102_3485 (1)

Wonder when the next trip with the Hudson will and where to…….