January 29, 2011

St Johns River crossing

Jim and I took a trip to Welaka to visit Carole & Ed (Tortoise).  We had a great visit and then lunch at Shrimp R Us. Their food is always good.

After lunch we had to leave. We decided to take the ferry across the river.


It’s not expensive and we’ve never ridden it before. It also saves a few miles.

The barge could hold a couple of small cars, but we were the only one that day. It is pushed across by a small tug attached to it with a trailer hitch. When he gets to the other side he just unties the rear of the tug and turns it around in the opposite direction for the trip back.


Jim had a good time discussing the setup with the barge tender.


The road on the west side is sand and could be a rough ride but we didn’t have any problems at all. There were a few soft spots but nothing we couldn’t avoid. I think it’s a 4 or 5 mile ride, and brings you into Salt Springs.

It was a bit windy that day but we rode nice and flat….the tug had a different ride.

Guess I can’t complain about not being on the St Johns River this winter.

January 17, 2011

We haven’t been boating this winter….WHY?!?!?

I started collecting Monarch Caterpillars….I had about 90 of them in a “Butterfly Cage” that Jim put together from an old bird cage. Most of our good weather was spent waiting for them to become a Chrysalis and then emerge as butterflies.  Check out my wildlife blog   www.wildlifearoundus.blogspot.com  go to the archives and click on 2010.

While waiting on Butterflies we captured a small swarm of Honey Bees. Unfortunately they did not survive. (same blog).

Then some friends called us about a “project” boat.  A 1981 Wellcraft 225. It belonged to their daughter and her husband. They wanted to sell it. It sat with the bow downhill. It had rained and there was some water in it. The owners were out of state and not coming back…and they had no vehicle large enough to move it, so we went over to help them out and ended up buying it.  An all aluminum trailer came with it…..so…now we have 2 boats. 025

Jim has spent a lot of time on the Wellcraft. Motor is now running well, shifts good and we had it out for a day’s trial.  We are waiting on a part for the alcohol stove….need to get refrigeration working and then we’ll head out for a week or two and see how it goes.

Once we are sure it is in good operating condition we’ll put both boats up for sale and hope we end up with just one.

One other item that has been taking up Jim’s time is the 1964 Dodge Dart that we bought. He put headers and a  Holly Webber carburetor  on an aluminum 4 barrel intake. His friend, Wayne, made the adapters and he put dual exhaust with Cherry Bomb mufflers on it to make it sound like they used to “in the day”.  Now Jim’s  teaching me to drag race. It’s not fast…but sounds great.017

The last couple of weeks have been spent remodeling the screen/sun room for the addition of a woodstove. The pipe and chimney will be here this week. Sure hope I ordered all the parts needed….if I did, it should be working by the weekend. We cut down 2 big trees over a year ago and have started splitting wood. Until then, I’ll make do with candles. LOL006 (2)

I know all you northerners have been waiting to hear our Florida boating stories while you are resting up from digging out of all those snow banks..….but….there just haven’t been any…. so far…..sorry.