December 29, 2011

Dec 29, 2011

It got cold last night while we were aboard A Dollar More.
Once back aboard Slow motion…..Jim lit the Mr Heater and we were toasty within a few minutes. Read for awhile, took Raisin on deck then shut down the heater and went to bed.
I woke up around 1340, turned the heater on, warmed up the bird’s water bottle (thermos), read a few more pages and generally enjoyed the little heater with it’s warm glow. After shutting it down I went back to bed.
Jim had it running and nice and warm inside when I got up at 6 to make coffee. We’ve come to the conclusion that the little Mr Heater is going to make winter boating much more fun.
We were treated to a nice sunrise, and mist rising from the water.
The color over the trees gives them the appearance of being afire, but that isn’t smoke…it’s the mist drifting by.
We got underway fairly early, wanting to take advantage of the tides push. The water was flat….the wind nil and the flow was in our favor all but the last hour before we got to Green Cove Springs City Dock. We tied up, went ashore to Walgreens and dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant.
We’ll have to make another trip ashore in the morning but decided not to spend the night at the dock. We are anchored nearby….this is the dock at night. It has a long pier and there were a lot of people fishing from it this afternoon.
We are anchored out here among the sailboats.
Once the clouds disappeared this morning it really warmed up inside the boats. The vinyl side curtains are like being in a green house. The sun is down, the air is cooling down but it doesn’t feel as cold as it did last night at this time….but it is still early.

I’ve been kidding Larry about taking pictures or starting a blog so I could see Slow Motion on the water….he just sent me a few…..this is what the river looked like all day….Larry hollered on the radio to Jim and asked him how he liked it…..his answer was
“ boooooorrrrring”. So nice to see Slow Motion on the blog.

This is what I get for complaining about no photos…oh well….at least you know I’m on the boat too.

Dec 28, 2011

After posting on here last night, I saw this pretty sunset.


We’re anchored at the N end of Blue Creek. This is looking at the entrance of Lake George.


Around midnight there was a noticeable chill in the air. The temperature had started to drop significantly. I sat up and read for a few hours and by then it was definitely getting cold.

I had a heating pad hung on the backside of Babe’s bird cage, and turned that on periodically. I also filled the thermos with hot water…left the stopper out so the top would get warm and used that as her radiator. She was nice and snug.  Raisin had her sweater on and I had a big thick robe.

Jim was up first and started coffee. I suggested starting the generator but he decided to test the Mr Heater that my Dad loaned us. What a great idea. It really took the chill out and no one had to unzip the curtain and go outside. It also has a nice warm glow…


We can use this for an hour or so before bed and first thing in the morning…..unless it is so cold that we have to use the generator and electric heater.

Lake George gave us a “hobby horse” ride, but it was not uncomfortable.

A Dollar More looks like it has it’s own shining star……but it’s really just the sun.


We stopped for fuel at the Georgetown Marina. This Pelican kept a close eye on us….probably hoping we’d toss it a fish.


A Dollar More in my rear view mirror……


A late lunch at Shrimp R Us in Welaka and then we were on our way to Murphy’s Creek for our anchorage for the night. I like these late lunches….means I don’t have to fix a big supper. We’ll find something to snack on or fix cereal.

Sun is going down and the air is getting cooler. We’ve been invited for a movie and popcorn on A Dollar More with Larry and Diane.  Then we’ll have a few minutes in front of Mr Heater and off to bed.