February 5, 2015

Lil’ Scamp is getting a few upgrades 2.5.15

When we bought the Scamp it had an ice box. It required bags of ice and when full no room for food.


Thought we’d try it for a while but it did not work out so we put a small 110 fridge in. Velcro to keep the door shut.


That worked as long as we had 110 or ran the generator to cool it down. We put 4700 miles on it last summer but each rest area overnight required the generator be run.

We finally decided to put in a 2 way.  110 for when we are at home, campground or friends and relatives. 12volt for traveling down the road and overnight in a rest area or Wallydockin’ (Wal-Mart)

The car will be charging the camper battery when we travel and it should hold overnight. We’ll still have the generator for long term stops without electric.

One minor little problem….I ordered one that was just a touch bigger than the other one…Jim had to do some remodeling.


He had to make a frame to fit the new fridge. I like the rounded corners.


While the fridge was out I made a screen for the upper louvers. It had been taped closed. Velcro on the screen will stick to the “rat fur” on the wall.


Once he had all the electrical wires in place we slid the fridge in place.


The bottom trim couldn’t go on until the fridge was in. Here’s our new look.


We’ll be livin’ uptown….it even has a light.


One thing we really like is the latch. It seems very secure. We’ll see how it holds up to some corners.


It better hold….Jim fit this in so well I cannot put any Velcro on it.