February 16, 2013

Wednesday 2.13.13

While having our morning coffee the flock of Wild Turkeys came by.  We did see a nice big Tom strutting his stuff but he was too far in the trees to get a picture. He had a beautiful tail all fanned out trying to attract the hens.


Once we were sure there were no other animals coming for water, we decided to haul in the anchor and head to Lake Monroe and pull out. Weather is predicting a night or two in the low 40’s and even 30’s. All my milkweed plants are outside and I don’t want to lose them to a frost. I usually end up buying plants to feed the caterpillars.    Check my wildlife blog:  www.wildlifearoundus.blogspot.com    I have Monarch caterpillars pupating and emerging from their chrysalis.  Put pupating in “search this blog” and it brings up a page that has links to both. Of course, the blog is full of other critters and bugs that live here.

While traveling Jim spotted this Bald Eagle.


I tried for a second shot just as he took off….it’s probably the closest to an “in flight” shot as I’ll get with the camera I have.


It’s been windy all day and the side guides Jim added to the trailer made loading the boat much easier.


We walked the boat on with a couple of long lines and it centered perfectly….once between the forward guides the wind couldn’t turn it sideways.

Jim has a few more projects in mind….too bad he doesn’t get paid by the hour…..we’d be rich.