January 25, 2013

Dora Canal and Lake Dora 1.25.13

We thought we had the sun rise figured right…but we were wrong…moved the boat to a spot with less trees.

While having coffee the boat started turning …  Jim decided to paddle us back into the sunshine.


We watched the Heron in their tree top nests, the Gallineaus on the lily pads and the Anhingas sunning to dry their wings.


We are traveling the Dora Canal today. It is a bit of “old” Florida, the way it may have looked in the past.

On the way, we stopped at Buzzard Beach launch ramp, walked the dog, got rid of trash and had breakfast.


Dora Canal…..

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Lake Dora seemed quite commercial after traveling thru the canal.

How about having your own plane ramp.


We watched this plane take off….I have a video but will have to post it on youtube.com later. No editing on this computer.


Kind of unique houseboat….

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A Blue Heron with his own solar array….


another Heron


We decided to head back to the Dead River and anchor where we did last night. I believe this is a Struery Houseboat.


A beautiful Anhinga…


A few minutes after I took this it dropped back into the water and disappeared.


They can swim a long distance underwater because their feathers don’t trap the air. When they are swimming all you see is the head and neck. So they spend a lot of time drying themselves.

And of course, a “flying” turtle. I love these Painted Turtles.


Sun is down, late supper tonight….and a few hours on deck listening to the birds settle in and the frogs. Another great day on the water.