February 18, 2015

Sumter County Fairgrounds Swap Meet 2.12.15 - 2.15.15

Now that we have the ‘49 Hudson and the Scamp, we no longer need this car/hauler camper. This is the way we used to go to NY, VT. Had a ‘28 Buick in the back.


We decided to gather up some stuff to sell ….loaded it in the car area and headed out. We spent 3 nights in it. It turned cold but the propane heater kept us warm. Had to use the generator to charge the batteries before going to bed and first thing in the morning to make coffee and top them off for the day.

Once the camper is sold we will sell the truck or let it go as a package deal.


While wandering around checking stuff out…I spotted this old car. Really pretty neat.


While chatting with the gentleman who built it .. Vermont was mentioned by another person sitting there. I asked where he was from in VT and he said “Brattleboro”.  No Kidding!  I lived there for several years. He’s in the L side of the picture. Younger than me so I don’t remember seeing him in school. But it was kind of neat talking to him.


It’s amazing how much stuff he has on this old car.


I think he tried to copy the original Beverly Hillbillies car. He said at one time he was a member of the Tin Can Tourists. I told him they were having a meet in Brooksville, FL…..and that he should come over and drive around. This reminds me of the pictures that we saw of some of the original Tin Can Tourists back in the 1920’s.


In my travels around the fairgrounds I spotted this little 5th wheel camper.


I spent a few minutes talking with him. I asked what make….he said he built it himself. Wanted something lightweight he could haul with this little truck and a car he is restoring.


There was a bigger selection of stuff to look through than at the monthly swap meet. I met a lot of nice people.

Might have to come back next year….even if we’ve already sold the car/hauler camper.

We could set up in the Scamp and peddle a few things.