June 3, 2013

5.27.13 Memorial Day “Thanks to all who served so we could be free”.

Woke up to a pretty sunrise. Our last day on the water for awhile.

148csWe decided to head to the jug handle by Blue Springs. It is a Manatee area and slow speed zone…good anchorage.

This gator cruised right past us. It spotted another gator and was swimming toward it. The other gator didn’t want any part of this one and quickly swam away.


A few minutes later this kayak fisherman went thru the same area.


We were going to the springs in the dingy following him. We met these folks and one of the kids asked if we’d seen any crocodiles. Told him we’d just seen 2 gators and a Manatee swirl. They make a big round flat swirl on the top of the water when they dive.


This is an Albin 28. It has 2 kayaks on top, one towed, 2 bicycles and at least 3 kids and 3 adults.


Plus this dingy…. We saw them later and I asked if they had trailered it down….the answer was “no”…they are doing the Great Loop. Started in Michigan….headed home now. They were spending the weekend with family. So I imagine it is just the 2 of them on it full time. Bikes..kayaks…dingy…everything you could ask for.


Blue Springs was busy…boats were circling waiting for a place to beach to go ashore.


There was a steady stream of boats both up and down the river. ….and lots of kayaks and canoes.


You can tell we’ve been anchored near the weeds a lot….see the dirty line across the front?


We watched the action for awhile then decided to make our way up to Butcher’s Bend at G109 . It’s only a few miles from where we leave the truck and trailer. We’ll be able to take our time with coffee in the morning and still get loaded and home before the hot part of the day.

This is the only gator we saw sunning. I only got one picture. A rental boat was coming up the river and I flagged them down and showed them where it was. Cameras came out from everywhere.


I had a tomato that was going bad and some extra lettuce and bird seed. We took it to the island for the roosters someone has left there. They still look in good shape. Just need some ladies.


On our way back to Meander we spotted this odd looking craft. Looks like two pontoons with a 25 hp motor….and places for 4 fishing poles..don’t know how you’d get to them though…


I missed most of the color of the sunset…but it was still pretty.



Frogs sang all night……as soon as they quit the birds started singing….time for coffee …screens down…bimini in it’s boot and all things stowed for travel.

We were loaded and home by 10:30 am. Still cool enough to get unloaded.