January 7, 2013

1.6.13 Silver Glen Springs to Salt River Springs, FL

As we hauled in the anchor…..I spotted this gator cruising down the run…..same area the Manatees were in yesterday.


Our early start got us across Lake George with an almost mirror like surface.

We had to go to the Georgetown Marina for gas for the boat and generator.

100_8034cs Our generator runs much more with “Meander” than on “ Slow Motion”. The outboard does not charge the batteries like the alternator on the inboard. It keeps up with the fridge and starting the motor but we have to run the generator and chargers to get the batteries up for over-night….or computer use.

We haven't been able to get into Salt Springs since 2009, when the water level was up. Our other boat had a 3’ draft.  The ride up the run is nice and there are a couple of places that are popular with pontoon boats.

The sun was out and warm….but we didn’t spot a single gator on the run in.


The locals told us at that time that there were 14 Manatees that spent the winter in here.

Jim decided to try out his new swim ladder. I tried to get him to smile but he was having trouble just grinning and bearing it.


Ladder worked very well.

He wanted to check the bottom of the boat where it sits on the trailer for damage, so he took a small scrubber and worked his way around the boat. When he got to the back….he had company.


He didn’t even realize it was there until I told him.


It swam right up to him. It is amazing how big they are. Our dingy is 8 ft long and they are longer. This is a nice picture.


It just kept coming closer….and  closer……


and then swam under him.


It surfaced to the L of him and I was able to get it on video. I’ll have to post that at a later date.

We were thrilled to see the 4 in Silver Glen Springs….but this encounter was really special.

We put up the side screens so we could sit on the rear deck in the evening. I forgot to mention that we had a bat aboard for 2 nights. The last time we saw it flying around we opened the door and I guess it went out. It may have come in when we had the door open….screens should prevent another from joining us.


All in all……it was a great day.

1.5.13 What a way to spend a winter’s day

We started out early to get a good crossing of Lake George. FL lakes are shallow and can get rough once the wind picks up. It was a good crossing.

This is the sign that greets you at the entrance to Silver Glen Springs. We normally anchor in that spot about half way up the run. That little bulge on the L side.


As we were getting ready to set the anchor….a Manatee swam right under us. Jim had to shut down the motor so we wouldn’t injure it with the prop.


We very seldom see Manatees in here but today there were 4 swimming in the run about 50’ from our anchorage. We watched them all day.

I rowed out in the dingy and let it drift past them for pictures and videos. I don’t have good reception now so will have to post the videos later.

This Pelican sat on a post at the entrance and watched us cruise by.


I took a quick dip….the water felt pretty cold, but once in it was nice.