December 2, 2014

Finally!!!! We are on the water with Meander 12.1.14


Nice little launch ramp on Eustis Lake. Room for 4 boats to launch but it is normally pretty shallow. We’ve launched here before and knew we could make it.


They’ve made some nice improvements since we were last here.

Carl, Jim and I went to the Mason Jar for breakfast then came and launched the boat. Once we were on our way, Carl took the truck and trailer back to his house. He’ll bring it back and pick us up when we are ready to load up and head home.

Although we had a great time on the San Juan 21…this is traveling in style compared to that. We get to sit on the rear deck and have coffee in the morning…and wine at night and no bugs to bother us.


We took a little tour around Lake Eustis then headed to “Gator Hole”. We’ve anchored there before and wanted to check the depth in case all of us decided to anchor when we got back to Eustis. The others are putting in on Lake Griffin and we are going to meet them there.102_4080

After checking The Gator Hole we headed for Haines Creek. It connects Lake Eustis and Lake Griffin. There is a small lock you have to pass through part way up the creek.


Haines Creek was full of turtles but did not see any gators. It’s not unusual to find them sunning together…but not today.


Naturally …we got there at lunch time. Lock is closed from Noon till 1pm.102_4099cs

We only had a half hour wait so dropped the hook. We noticed this tree with nesting birds.


I believe they are Cormorants…and it looks like there might be young ones.


The motor has not been running right…Jim is doing some adjusting.


This is our first view of Lake Griffin….a nice sailboat.


I had called Bud and Michelle on Avitoon and they were getting ready to launch so we headed down the lake.

Once they were headed N we just shutdown and waited.

Here they come….


Doug and Elaine aboard their 2003 Parker…   “Mokee Dugway”


Gaetan aboard his ‘69 Hobo



Bud and Michelle aboard their Avitoon


Jeff and Sue aboard their ‘70  Land & Sea.


After a nice lumpy cruise up to the north end of Lake Griffin we found a place to anchor for the night. Hobo, Big Duck and Mokee rafted up. Mokee is setting his anchor and the other two are getting ready to raft up.


We’d already dropped our anchor and Jim had some work to do on the motor so we stayed where we were….

After supper we sat on the rear deck with our glass of wine. It was a beautiful night. Temp was about 74* and we didn’t need jackets.

We went to bed early but about 9:30 I woke up and headed to the rear deck with a book. It was too nice a night to waste sleeping…I never sleep good the first night on the water….so afraid I’ll miss a cruising gator or a manatee.

Nice bright moon and not a whiff of breeze.