May 15, 2014

5.13.14 Versailles, KY

My little fuzzy alarm clock woke me up with a whine that said she needed to go out doors. Raisin (16 yr old tiny poodle) has a better internal clock than I do.

But sometimes she can be a blessing….this is my view when we went out the door.


The sun was coming up and the horses had just been put to pasture and were headed across the field.

Jim’s cousin’s backyard is just this side of the fence. I can’t imagine a better view..except for my sister’s place with her horse in the yard.

This is our  home for the next month or so…sure looks tiny next to their house. That little fuzzy thing in the grass is Raisin.


We travel with a Love Bird named “Babe”.  When we are moving down the road they ride in the back seat of the Hudson.

At night Babe’s cage sits on the stove cover…and when we are in travel mode with the bed in place.


Once set up at a campground the bed is put away and she sits on the table.

Raisin has a bed under our bed. My sister gave me the “bear” blanket that we use as a bed cover for sitting on. Helps keeps stuff off the blankets and sheets although most of the time we are sitting outside.


Jim built that box for storage and more support for the bed. This works very well and leaves room for Raisin.


I was sold on the camper when I saw this screen door…


I like to have the camper windows and door open as much as possible and it keeps Raisin from leaving without me. She is almost blind and deaf but still pretty healthy for 16.

We will leave later this afternoon. There is a ballgame in Cincinnati and we hope to get past the city when everyone is in their seats watching the game. We’ll find a rest area to spend the night and be at the Hudson Museum in Ypsilanti, MI tomorrow.

We really enjoyed our visit with Bill and Barb…their backyard not only has a view with horses…..


….it is full of song birds.