November 5, 2012

New windows

This is what the port side looked like the day we brought our Yukon Delta home.

Yukon Delta  10.9.12 004cs

and this is with the new windows. The one in the middle is in the head. Boy did that ever brighten up a very small dark space. That is the original kitchen window. The new one in the kitchen really opens up the sink and counter area. Makes it look much larger. 

All of the insulation that could be seen around the windows was in great condition. It did not look as though there had been any leaks in the back half of that side.

new windows 001cs

We went hunting for a topper for the new (to us) pickup, and while we were checking one out,  I spotted this bimini. Asked the gentleman what he wanted for it….he said make me an offer….I offered $2 and we settled on $30. We will see if we can make something out of it for the front of the boat. Most of the material is like new….a bit of wear over one bow…but nothing that can’t be fixed.

Once we got the small window in…we spent  time getting the topper squared up and the weather stripping on between the bed and the topper. Jim is finishing installing the clamps that will hold it in place.

Next project?  The inside. But we may launch and go out for a couple of days first.