May 13, 2014

5.10.14 Hillsville, VA

It rained most of the morning. Jim washed the car between showers.

We had tried to time our visit to include the local cruise in at Hillsville, VA. Around 3pm the clouds broke and the sun came out….so we hooked up and headed into town.

Turns out they have this cruise in rain or shine. The weather turned out great.

When they asked who had traveled the farthest to the show I put my hand up as did Jim. They were surprised to hear we were from Florida. When he asked what we were driving and I told him the Hudson, he looked down the street and there it was with the camper hooked to it.

We got 2 nice T shirts for being the long distance travelers.

I had almost as many people looking inside the camper as Jim had looking at the Hudson

The day was perfect…the rain soaked all of Joanne’s new plantings and cleared off for the show.


What a nice town….I think they would have let us camp right there on Main St had we wanted to…but once the show was over we headed to Kentucky and our next stop.

Our camping spot was a rest area.

If possible, we find a spot in the car parking area…as far from the rest rooms as possible so we don’t create a long walk for anyone. As retired truck drivers we know what it is like to be tired and want to stop for some sleep and find all the truck parking taken.


It was foggy in the valleys…

Had a good night’s sleep. Jim started the generator and made morning coffee while I took pictures and walked the dog. The camper is a one person place when work is being done.


Here are a few views as we traveled.


The fog is lifting.


Just wanted to show the old Hudson is still capable of hauling a little camper up and down hills.


We take a break every now and then so Jim can check tires and fluids and I can walk the dog.

I spotted this neat “trike”and had to go down and get a picture. It is a 2009 Stallion.


These two were traveling together.


And there they go…..


Kentucky’s Capitol Building…The top is beautiful with the sun striking it.


We arrived at Jim’s cousins ….backed onto the lawn under a beautiful tree. Early sun in the rear window  in the morning and shaded most of the day. What more could you ask for. We find some of the nicest spots to camp.