December 27, 2014

Christmas on the Water 12.26.14

Enjoyed a nice sunset with our wine last night. Still a bit cool but  with sweatshirts we managed.102_0215cs

When it gets cold and you are sitting in a spring that is 72 degrees year around…you get fog in the morning.

Did not know there was a fishing contest scheduled so when we woke up there were several boats unloading and idling around.


Pictures in the fog do not come out well but here are a few more.


We had our generator running for charging batteries but shut it down before 7am. Figured that was when they were going to start. Jim heard them count down as they turned them loose…24.


Once all the boats had been turned loose we stowed our gear….hauled the anchor and headed for the lake. Lake George can get pretty rough at times and we wanted to be across it before it kicked up too bad.

Some of the boats stayed on the small lake…


You can see why the Cormorants are sometimes called “snake” birds. Here’s two.




We had the rising sun in our eyes all the way to the lake.


It’s a beautiful ride…the scenery changes as you go….





Lake George is just beyond the little island.

It was a bit windy out there and kicking up a little but the good part was it was at our back and helped push us across.


We saw this pontoon boat in the springs and here they are setting up camp. They had a tent just out of sight in the background.


Not a bad ride across the lake. You have to enter and exit the lake through these gates because it is pretty shallow in places.


Once on the south end of Lake George we took a ride through Blue Creek. This used to be an island where a very big gator hung out. The locals called him “Bubba”. Heard he got too friendly and they removed him.



Another view….if I can’t find gators….I take pictures of turtles.


Don’t know how they manage to stay on the log when all feet are in the air…great balance..



After Blue Creek we were back in the St Johns River and went to G3..Lungun Island or Shell Island to the locals and anchored behind it for the night. Another great day on the water.