January 17, 2012


Another nice quiet night at anchor.

We were just E of the Port Mayaca Lock. Our plans are to spend the day and night at Indiantown Marina.

It was only a couple of hours away and we were there by 9 am. Jim and I tied up to the fuel dock, filled our generator gas cans and the water tank and jugs. Larry anchored in the channel. We had to wait until a couple of boats left so we could get a slip.

Around 10 a big trawler took off and Larry took their spot. A sailboat tied to the dock in front of us was the next to leave and we just walked our boat ahead into his spot.

Jim worked on the automatic bilge pump. It’s in a hard to get at spot but I believe it is working again. (automatically) This pump is in the lowest part of the boat. A packing gland drips every few seconds to keep the packing wet while the shaft is spinning. The bilge pump “automatically” pumps it overboard when ever there is any accumulation. Our shower water also goes into the bilge and it takes care of that too.

While I got all the bedding and clothes washed Jim did some socializing and then took a nap.

Larry and Diane found us a ride to town for groceries.

When we got back I took the pot of chili that was finishing up in the slow cooker, to the gathering area. Larry and Diane joined us for supper and then supplied a “late” birthday cake for Larry. We’re stuffed.

This is the only exciting thing I saw today. This gentleman spent most of the afternoon at the top of his mast.


There are a lot of Canadians that leave their boats here all summer and then spend the winter on them. Indiantown has a DYI yard and a large storage area.

One trawler was put in the water today…”No Snow”…the lady and her husband are from Ottawa, CN and she said it will never see snow. They still have to get the top put on it and a new water pump installed. There is always something to fix, especially if it has been sitting all summer.

I wonder if these two sailboats are traveling together. They look to be similarly fitted out with gear.

Most of the people we’ve talked to are heading to the Keys or the Bahamas.

Since we are tied to the dock and have electricity…I put ribs in the slow cooker to cook all night.  I’m still trying to get them as good as Diane does. We’ll see tomorrow. They’ll finish up as we are cruising.

The last time Diane made them….she gave us a shout and told us to come along side for ribs. Larry had them on a plate, in foil, in a plastic grocery bag, hanging on his boat hook….we cruised up along side….slowly….and I took the bag of the hook….we’ve done this several times with food. Larry said we need a picture of it….but it takes 2 to drive and 2 for the hand off….no body left for the camera.



It was a quiet night….only one boat passed by after dark. It was a good sized cruiser and they had a nice big spot light checking their travel between the banks of the canal. Didn’t hear a thing after that.

Jim had the heater and coffee going when I got up this morning. What a nice idea. It was toasty in here, and after a few sips of hot coffee I took Raisin on deck.

Shortly after the sun came up we were on our way.


A Limpkin was sunning itself in the dead branches of a Brazillian Pepperbush. A very invasive species. They are all along the canal. We have them at home too. The Robins love the berries, unfortunately that helps spread them.


I’ve noticed several large bee hive groups. Only one of them had feed jars on the top. I tried looking for signs of honey bees with the binoculars but couldn’t see any. It is cold, but once the sun hits the front of the hive there is usually activity.


Once in the rim route of Lake Okeechobee, we met 3 big boats. 2 were coming at us and never slowed down a bit…but it was easy jumping their wake. This big fishing boat passed us. The channel is narrow and rocky on the outside. He gave us a nice slow pass but was still putting out a big wake.


Watch A Dollar More when Larry has to turn into the wake. On an open area you could just ride the wave till it washes under you, but not here in a narrow channel.

Weather forecast for Lake Okeechobee called for a moderate chop, so we headed across. The wind was a bit off our nose so it was a “hobby horse” ride, but fun.


It’s about 25 miles in the channel route, 35 in the rim route.

Larry gave us a shout on the radio…said he was glad his engine was running well….or we’d be anchored out here. Jim responded with “we?”


Take a short ride with us across Lake Okeechobee. We’re the ones making all the noise….A Dollar More is the one slipping thru the waves.

I do miss the silence of a sailboat. All you hear is the rush and slap of the waves passing by…the wind in the sails…………. and everything falling on the floor when a gust of wind heels you over on your side.

When I was first learning to sail our Catalina 22, and Jim went to the head, he would see water thru the port one minute and sky the next. I really enjoyed that little boat….all except for the banged shins and heads.

We’re too far from Indiantown Marina so will anchor on the E side of the Port Mayaca Lock. It’s a beautiful night.