May 9, 2014

Our adventure with the ‘49 Hudson and Scamp trailer is underway 2014

We had most everything loaded Sunday and finished up Monday morning….hooked up and headed out.

We spent Monday night, or part of it in a truck stop. After a few hours sleep we decided to get past Charlotte, NC while traffic was slow. Found a rest area for the remainder of the night.

Arrived at my sister’s cabin Tuesday morning.

She has the neatest little cabin on a hill, surrounded by woods. You can see the sun just coming up and on the R ..fog in the valley.


This outbuilding also contains a guest room. That is Jackson looking out.


To get to it…you walk thru Jackson’s run in shed…


It is a tack room/guest room….


Jackson loves company…


Jackson can come and go as he pleases…It is fenced so he can have the run of 15-20 acres..He also has a run in shed on the opposite side.


And if the lawn needs a bit of trimming….Jackson is willing to oblige…


On Wed Joanne and I took a hike up Buffalo Mountain.




The trail is a lot of little switch backs making climbing the mountain easier….at least that is what I thought most of the way up…


I have not hiked any distance in a long time….


The last quarter mile or so I had to stop several times to catch my breath and let my body catch up…legs a bit weak feeling, but recovered well. It was worth it. The view for the rocky top was spectacular.


See…I actually made it….


This was her 3rd trip up here so she’s in good hiking shape. I’ll have to work on that a bit before we stop here again.


Looking back at ground we’d just covered.


The trip back down was much easier…didn’t even need a rest break.


We were the first car in the lot but there were 4 others when we got back. Met several of the people at the top of the mountain. Great trip. Look forward to more hikes with Joanne.