October 24, 2014

San Juan 21 with wood inside installed 4.23.14

Port side…..bolted to the box at the bottom and to the plate that comes through from the side stay.

This is the side you would go through to go into the V berth so they only had a small piece here.

Jim made the cover for the box. We can put a small cooler in it. The sides are a lot thicker than the one on the starboard side so we figure this must have been intended as a cooler.


Starboard side….This was a full wall but only bolted to the mast support at the top and to the box in the lower R corner, so we didn’t make it a full wall. I will be sleeping on this side and want air flow. It is also bolted to a brace that goes through the roof to the side stay…same as on the port side. You can see the bolts. He also made the cover for this side. The hole in the side of the box was for the toggle switches for running lights and interior light. Jim is going to close that off and move it to the side so it wont be hit during the night.


Looking through to the bow. Looks like a lot of room….don’t let it fool you. This is only a 21 ft boat….I don’t think I could stretch out in the V berth.


This is where the keel with the ballast cranks up. You can see the winch. It takes up a lot of space inside but makes for much shallower draft if up. Definitely going to be an knee and ankle banger till we get used to getting in and out. All though…Jim has had a lot of practice the past week. Seems like every tool he needs is in the shop and means another trip up and down the ladder and in and out of the boat.

The fan is sitting on the port berth…that is where Jim will sleep. The starboard berth is a few inches shorter.


Windows need to go in and I have to make a screen cover for the forward hatch and one for the companion way hatch. Then we’ll be good for a night on the water without bugs.

We will step the mast here in the yard and make sure we have good rigging and all lines necessary for the main sail and the jib….then we’ll launch and see how she floats. Can’t wait!!  It wont be for a few weeks. We have a Hudson meet this weekend and will spend next week getting the windows installed. They have arrived and look great.