June 6, 2014

Vermont to NY 5.28.14

Our visit with the kids was too short…it always is.

We park our camper in my son, Dave’s, driveway…right near a beautiful stream.


It winds it’s way around the edge of his lawn and the garage.


He has a couple of foot bridges for him and the kids when they want to hike the hillside near the house.


It may be near the end of May…but believe me…it is still too cold for swimming in the brook.

We headed to NY and a stay with Mike, Karen and Toni. They let us camp in their driveway while we are visiting my Dad.

Is that a ‘49 Hudson hooked to a 1972 Holiday Rambler? 


Nope…..The Scamp sure looks tiny next to it.


We made several trips to see Dad…Jim charged up the batteries in his old bus and made sure it was running. Took it to get inspected. Now he and Mel can take a short day trip if the weather cooperates.

From Mike and Karen’s we headed to Tom and Regina’s. They are now “sheepherders”. I think they are keeping about 20 Ewes…but each one can have more than one lamb at a time so the numbers increase in a hurry.


Dinner time….aren’t those little ones cute?



We were there for their first day out on pasture. It was fun watching the little ones bounce around.


Our campsite…


Early morning fog rolling in….


View from the porch swing…their horses….a beaver pond in the background.The pond draws geese and they break up all the horse manure as well as getting insects. Everything seems to work together…as it should.


Regina’s mare….


and Tom’s horse….


Now that the lamb’s are all born and out on pasture they hope to spend some time in the saddle.

Horses…sheep and a pond….could you ask for more? I guess you could…but would you really need it?

After a few more visits with my Dad and a great meal with Mel and her husband, we loaded up the Hudson…and believe me…it is packed full…hooked up the camper and headed to Don and Sandy’s.