January 14, 2013

1.10.13 Heading home

We were up early.

Jim made coffee and we watched the sun come up behind the island.


We’ll need to anchor around the bend if it’s is going to be very cold in the morning. That way we won’t have to wait for it to come over the trees to get some “solar” heat.

We had our coffee on the rear deck and watched “Cruiser” go by. We decided to call him that since it always cruises around us in the evening and morning. You can’t tell …but it’s a very large gator. No swimming here….but just  out of the jug handle around the island is a beach along the river, and on a hot summer day there could be half a dozen boats beached and people in the water…… but….never us. I guess that is one of the drawbacks of cruising slow and looking for the big ones……. that most people never see.


Once the air had warmed up a bit…..and he’d made his way around us…..he found a spot on the bank in the sun. I say “he” but have no idea if it is a he or a she.


I am always amazed to see these big Blue Herons so high in a tree on such flimsy little branches. They build their nests up there.


As we motored to the dock, I took down the side screens and started stowing gear for the trip home.

Loading the boat went OK except for one thing. The bow support will have to be modified. When the boat floats onto the trailer, the bow eye is below it and Jim couldn’t crank the boat as far onto the trailer as he wanted.

One more project to put on the list.

Next stop………Harris Chain of Lakes.