February 5, 2013

Guess we’re goin’ fishin’

Jim made us a fishing rod holder. He had a piece of cedar and used it for the handles. You slide the rod part thru it’s slot…then back the handles into the holes. The weight of the reels keep them in place. They are under the rear of the hardtop…over the motor well and out of the way.

So I’ve been watching videos on YouTube about catching, cleaning and fileting bass.

Now all we have to do is catch one.


This is the setup for the generator and extended run tank.


On the opposite side of the boat are  the battery chargers. They have their own heavy duty extension cord. Now we can start the generator, plug them in and they are out of the weather and out of the way.  The plastic is rolled up when in use.


Latest plans have us launching on Friday for some time on the St Johns River. Hope the Manatees are still at Salt River Run Springs. The weather is warming up and when the water warms they leave.

We stopped at the Black Hammock Fish Camp & Restaurant on Lake Jessup  this morning. The lake is way down, but we saw at least 6 gators cruising the waters. One had been on the bank and splashed in when we walked up. They have a 12’ gator in a penned area and 4 or 5 smaller ones in another area……..I’d much rather see them in the wild, but not everyone has a boat.

See you on the water!!!